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    Irritating technical nonsense


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    Irritating technical nonsense Empty Irritating technical nonsense

    Post  Admin Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:24 pm

    A word of advice... don't start up a bloody forum with this company... you have to have a degree in advanced hieroglyphics and computing to understand how it works. Anyway...

    1. Somewhere around the middle of the screen... it says You are not connected. Please login or register

    choose register.

    2. Agree to the terms (it takes a while for system to recognize you've agreed.)

    3. fill in the requiered fields. press 'save'

    3. Then, because of the colour scheme I chose... you can't see what you have to do on the next screen. - underneath 'registration information' you have to re-enter password, then ---- press save.

    4. then go to your e-mail to activate password.


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