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    Why you're depressed... cos you're a selfish b.


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    Why you're depressed... cos you're a selfish b. Empty Why you're depressed... cos you're a selfish b.

    Post  fats Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:14 pm

    I'll get straight to the point...

    Unless you are a good person in the traditional sense of the word, and a man of principle, you will never be truly happy. And this doesn't just mean that you avoid doing wrong, it means that you are actively engaged in helping others. Now, there are various complications related to the concept of helping others - do others include your children, if you've devoted your life to your partner is this a form of selflessness etc? - but these are just details of the one, indisputable truth: if you are generating positive energy outwards to your family, freinds and society, you will be happy. If you're generating negative energy, you will never be happy.
    Furthermore, it is becoming clear to me that the spiralling rise in depression, addiction and violence in contemporary society is a consequence of the individualistic lives which most people have chosen to lead today. The life of selfishness and disregard for others, while full of short-term advantages, is totally against the human spirit and the suppression of man's natural instinct not just as social animal, but as a socially constructive animal. It is a life that is not authentic, and in the moments when you cannot hide beneath temporary pleasures, it will always stalk you and poison your being, not with thoughts like "I should be helping others," but with its resultant symptoms of depression, aggression, or the never-ending restlessness. And what's really tragic, is that there is a vast swathe of people in society who have never even been taught what altruism is: all they know is their selfish, negative life. This is a tragedy.
    Exactly why altruism is essential for happiness and why living for yourself destroys the human spirit, is a question we will deal with later, but first I would like to talk about how my debate on morality began: rather unexpectedly, in a British Rail shitter.
    There are certain parts of Britain where Train toilets, are a health hazard - a brutal environment in which the smell of piss never dies no matter how much disinfectant they spray it with. And it was in one of these environments that I faced two choices: either lift the seat - making contact with the disgusting toilet but avoid pissing on it for any further users - or just piss on the seat, thus avoiding contact with the toilet but soiling any sit down possibilities for subsequent users. Now, as I'm totally neurotic about germs, you have to understand that I really didn't want to touch that seat, so then I began to engage in this huge debate about whether or not I gave a shit about the next person's experience in the toilet (would they give a shit about me?) and it kind of escalated until I reached the point which most thinking people have been asking since we killed off God a hundred years ago: what the fuck is the point in me expending energy on other people, when there is no heaven as a reward, and conversely - why should I care about fucking over other people if there is no hell? To which my answer was, I shouldn't fuck other people over because then I'd be a cunt, but then the answer came - so what, everybody else's account these days, and though I don't like it, the argument seemed to stop there.

    Or does it?

    The first problem, above and beyond the fact that been a cunt condemns you to unhappiness (a point I will deal with presently), it's clear that this thinking soon escalates across schools, work places, communities and cultures. If every time you go to the Train toilet there's piss on it, even the principled man will get worn down in the end and stop pissing on the seat. After all, everyone else does it! Or in a microcosm, if everyone in the queue starts pushing in, you do, too. Or if you're with a group of young people who don't say thank you, you begin to feel like a gimps saying please and thank you, or if your friend doesn't give you a birthday card, you don't send him a card, and so on and so on until the whole of society is infected. Add to this a climate of aggression and mistrust and soon the whole shit house comes down in flames. You see, every time you bow under the pressure of other people's bad acts or rudeness and you behave like them, you are responsible for another domino falling in the chain. The problem with today's society is that there are more and more cunts, which accelerates the process and completely isolates the good man until he too has to crumble or feel like a fool for being the only person who waits in the queue, or cleans the toilet seat. The consequences of a society consisting of a large section of bad people are appalling - both in the negative energy they exude and the way they infect the rest of us. Therefore, I think it is clear that for those of us who want to save society, we must choose the path of good. The only chance we have of swaying those who stand between good and bad is if they see charismatic, principled individuals who always do the right thing. This inspires them, keeps them stead fast, and on the right side of the fence.
    And surely it's time the human race moved away from needing heaven and hell to make them follow the path of good. Aren't we more advanced than that? Shouldn't we have matured? We must teach each other and our children that good is necessary to maintain social cohesion: without it, society breaks down, we create a brutal world of dog-eat-dog, and you end up with this sort of Britain that's going to exist in 20 years' time if we don't change now. We have to teach people, being bad doesn't just cause society to fall apart, it causes the individual to fall apart.
    This last point is very important: that bad behaviour affects the individual practising it. Then it's amazing, how quickly you can go from being an All right person to a shit head. This is because vice, in all its forms, always escalates once the genie is out of the bottle. From the moment you begin to say "fuck it... I don't care" it can only be a matter of time before what starts with an attitude to public things - not recycling, putting your dusty shoes on a train seat, pissing in the swimming pool, soon spreads to your personal life. What you have to understand, is that your attitude about the world and society is inherently linked to your attitude about life, and ultimately yourself. Society is like a house which we've all been charged with tending - as soon as you stop caring about it, the house begins to decay around you, and you yourself begin to decay. However, these are just moderately bad people, with really bad people there is no need for obscure metaphors - it's clear they can never be happy. The problem with a cunt is, he's a cunt, which means that usually people know he's a cunt, he probably moves in a circle of cunts, and let's face it there is not much love going around. And nobody can be happy without love. Added to that, people are less willing to give to a cunt, less willing to trust him, and a cunt usually spends a lot of their lives in conflict - which, let's face it, is unlikely to lead to happiness. I know that you imagine, that horrible people are happy because somehow what they want out of life is different and they don't care if everybody hates them or fears them, but I argue that no matter how thick their skin is, when they wake up in the dark hours of the night, there is no way that these people are happy. Or maybe you think of big corporate players or classic evil men as examples of people who seem to be perfectly enjoying themselves without any conscience or desire for good, then look at someone like Hitler: all those manic speeches, veins bulging and spit flying, apart from the fact that he ended up dead in a bunker as a result of his own evil, do you really think that Hitler was happy and at peace with himself? D'you really think that these corporate raiders are happy: no matter how many millions they have, they have to carry on, conquering and acquiring and dividing. Their brains never stop ticking away from morning to night. Do you think they're happy? And look at the world's richest man, what does he now spend most of his time doing? Working with charitable causes; why, because he's clearly realised that he needs to in order to be happy.

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    Why you're depressed... cos you're a selfish b. Empty i don't believe in one plus one moral math.......and, i'm not sorry etc.....

    Post  johnl Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:03 pm

    though i like some of your thoughts, the overall moral math feels a bit old fashioned to me.
    it is not that i do not believe in principles, for i do!
    it is just that many of your deductions which you seem to imply are givens, in my opinion are not givens etc.
    and though i do believe in god etc while you claim not to, you seem to believe in a type of retribution,
    for people not living up to principles, that i generally do not believe in etc.
    if we meet, i'd go line by line thru what you've written and point out my questions directly etc.....

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