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Philosophical and literary discussion from the heart of Barcelona

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    Post  olive Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:17 am


    I´m sort of new at this whole internet network/forum page set-up, and the truth is that I wasn´t sure what to post. I personally love writing and literature, so I thought that maybe a short entry of free-writing could start me off.
    I like to write whatever comes to my mind, whether it be inspired by an image, a feeling or emotion, a memory, or even just that funny thing they call imagination and daydreaming.

    anyways, I won´t bother you anymore with my rambling..... this is one of the last things I have written lately. Pardon if there are any horrible grammatical or lingual mistakes, I´m no professional.

    The wind whistled through the trees and Jamie looked up above her. The clouds hovered heavily over her head, stirring slightly beneath the swirling grey sky. She heard a rumble behind her far off in the distance, behind the deep purple hills that lay beyond the birch forests. She retraced with her eyes the path that had led to where she now stood. It snaked through the open field and disappeared like a black eel into the silver birch forests that now rustled and stood cautiously attentive to the sounds of the upcoming summer rains.
    With little warning, the sky seemed to split, cracking under a jolt of thunder, and like an open and dark abyss, the rain came pouring onto the earth like glistening showers of dark silver. Within seconds, Jamie could feel the rain soaking her oversized white T-shirt and the rain drops sliding down her forehead and dripping from her chin to the nape of her neck. She turned around once more to make her way home. The dirt path was soon muddy, and with each step Jamie took, her baggy jeans weighted her down as they dragged across the slippery ground making it a difficult and tedious job to keep her balance. Jamie looked towards the right of her path as the light of lightning let alight the black silhouettes of various robust maple trees to then disappear once the flash had vanished. When she reached sight of her house, she came across the familiar sight of her father sitting on the porch beneath the cover of the wooden (cover….) , his lean and stringy legs and dirty black leather shoes dangling close to the wet and muddy ground as the rain drops poured in front of him. The porch light was on, illuminating his wet work trousers and his old red-collared shirt beneath his black worker’s vest. As she approached, her father squinted his eyes into the dark showers pouring down and called out to her.
    -“What a rain, huh?”
    Jamie propped herself up against the porch and hoisted herself up to sit next to him. She shook her wet head and sighed tiresomely in response. Her father got up and went into the dark house. A few minutes later, he handed her a pair of dry sweat pants and a black tank top.
    -“You better put these on before you catch a cold, Jamie” he said as he stared into the rain, the light from the porch only allowing the eyes to see a few meters of wet mud ahead and the silver rain against the dark night’s canvas.
    -“Thanks,” Jamie said as she removed her muddy white tennis shoes and pulled off her soaked and baggy jeans and slipped on the sweat pants.
    Her father stepped off the porch and into the rain.
    -“I’ll be right back. I’m going to take a quick look at the water deposits.”
    -“Alright,” Jamie said.
    Once her father vanished around towards the back of the house and into the thick darkness, Jamie took off her wet T-shirt and quickly pulled over the black tank top. Jamie´s father returned after a few minutes, his balding head glistening as the rain drops slid down onto his red collar. He sat down once more by Jamie´s side, his feet dangling off the porch.
    - “How was your walk?” he asked as he dried his head and neck with a dirty towel that has been hanging on a nail by the doorway.
    - “Fine,” Jamie responded shrugging simply. “I made it out to the lake.”
    Jamie’s father raised his thick black eyebrows in thought.
    -“Was the water low?” he asked.
    Jamie seemed to stop and think a moment. She bit her lower lip as she recalled the image of the lake. The water had been a deep shimmering blue the moment she first glimpsed it through the birch trees that afternoon. Then she recalled, as she had been sitting on the lake’s rocky shore, the way that the water had slowly turned a deep purple-blue that sank slowly into the lake’s depths as the egrets and the cormorants landed slowly onto the surface, causing the ripples to open up into violet and indigo rings that disappeared into the evening’s shadows.
    -“I guess it was a bit low,” Jamie said after a while.
    Jamie´s father scratched his sharp and unshaven chin, his eyes deep eyes bright under the porch light.
    -“You know, one of these days we’ll take Joshua out. We haven’t taken him out for quite a bit.” He looked at Jamie, her hair still slightly dripping down the nape of her neck and her small figure sitting and sprawled lazily against one of the porch columns. She smiled a thoughtful and toothy grin at him.
    -“Yeah….” she slowly, still smiling. “Yeah, let’s do that.”
    Her father reached out his large hand and stroked his daughter’s wet and shiny head.
    The summer breeze floated through the warm and moist air, and both father and daughter continued sitting, beneath the orange-tinted porch light, staring silently at the glistening streaks of rain falling from the deep purple sky.

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    Post  Admin Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:51 pm

    Well,my friend, you say you're no profesional but you're certianly no amateur either. Thanks for allowing us to read that atmospheric piece.

    As a sometime writer of fiction myself, I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about.

    Thanks once more, and also for reminding me to add 'literary' to the title of this group 'philosophical and literary discussion.'

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